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2018-2019 Student Handbook 
2018-2019 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Residence Life Policies

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Goldey-Beacom College residential community members have the responsibility to adhere to and support regulations.  If in the presence of a violation, a student and/or guest has the responsibility to do the following.

  1. Immediately leave the area where the violation is occurring.
  2. Contact an Office of Residence Life staff members or Campus Security, 302-547-0988, so the violation may be addressed.

Any student or student organization who aids, requests, initiates, assists, or has knowledge of acts which violate this document may be subject to disciplinary action as if the student or student organization had actually committed the violation.

Alcohol and Drug Policy for Residence Life

The Goldey-Beacom College Policy on Alcohol and Drugs is located under the General Policies  section.


Barbecue grills (gas, charcoal), propane tanks, lighter fluid, charcoal, or any flammable paraphernalia are absolutely prohibited anywhere in or around the residence halls at any time. Students, who wish to use a barbecue grill, may request use of the Gazebo, which is located near the softball field. Disciplinary action will result for offenses, with the possibility of expulsion from the residence halls.

Stand-alone electric grills must be registered with the Office of Residence Life before being brought into the residence halls. Electric grills are subject to routine health and safety to ensure cleanliness. Failure to register a stand-alone electric grill before being brought into the residence halls will result in judicial sanctions .


Candles or incense are prohibited in the residence halls at any time. Violation of this policy will result in judicial sanctions .

Early Move-In/Late Move-Out

In special and limited circumstances the Office of Residence Life may grant permission for early move-in or late move-out on a case by case basis. If such permission is granted, a student will be charged an additional $85.00 per day. During early move-in or late move-out periods, compliance with the Residence Life Policies is required. Immediate removal from the residence halls will result if policies are not complied with especially;

  • NO GUESTS/VISITORS AT ANY TIME. The only individuals allowed in the residence halls during this period are other early arrival/late move-out students or current students who are covered by housing contract.
  • NO ALCOHOL. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus even if a student is of legal drinking age. In addition, a student should not be under the influence of alcohol while on campus.


Fireworks or firecrackers are prohibited on campus because of the real danger to life and property. Any student who is found in possession of fireworks or firecrackers will immediately be removed from the residence halls.

Guest/Visitor Policy

Goldey-Beacom College residence halls are open only to students who reside in the halls and authorized College personnel. The halls are not open to the general public.

  • Guest is defined as a person (including a Goldey-Beacom College non-resident student) who is visiting a resident of a particular apartment.
  • Visitor is defined as any current residential student who enters apartments, floors, and buildings other than the apartment to which they have been assigned.

It should be noted that apartment residents have a right to privacy and peace throughout the day; accordingly regular and/or extended visits during the day by guests or visitors are prohibited. For the policy regarding overnight visits see below. No guests will be permitted during times when the residence halls are closed without specific permission from the Director of Residence and Student


  1.  Although resident students are not required to register as a visitor while visiting another apartment or building, students must be invited/welcomed by ALL residents, act in a responsible and courteous fashion during such visits, and, if asked by staff, must identify the resident being visited. Any resident student not adhering to the visitor policy will receive disciplinary action.
  2. Unregistered Guests must vacate the residence halls by 11:00pm and cannot re-enter the residence halls until 11:00am the following day.
  3. Overnight guests are PROHIBITED during the school week (Sunday to Wednesday inclusive).
  4. The Guest Registration Form must be signed by the resident who is responsible for the guest (host) and BY ALL RESIDENTS OF THE HOST APARTMENT. Hosts are required to register their guest with the Student Affairs Office before 8:00 pm on Thursday of each week. The Guest Registration Form must be filled out completely, including consent of roommates and all guest contact information, including automobile information. No exceptions will be made concerning this policy. Falsification of the information or signatures will result in disciplinary action.
  5. Guests are to remain within the apartment they are visiting unless specifically invited to another location, at which time they must be escorted by and remain with the resident who issued the first invitation.
  6. Residents are to inform their guests of campus rules and regulations. Residents assume responsibility for their guests' behavior and must remain with them while they are visiting on campus, at all times. Residents are responsible for all damages caused by a guest. Non-residents who are unescorted or present in a room at any time of day without the sponsoring resident present will be asked to leave, and may be permanently banned from the residence halls and the sponsoring student will forfeit visitor privileges.
  7. An individual is limited in the number of times he/she may stay as a guest on campus. No guest may stay more than two consecutive nights or more than four nights per calendar month on the campus. All stays are counted in this total and registrations by different hosts will be counted cumulatively toward this total.
  8. The total number of overnight guests allowed in an apartment is a maximum of two persons.
  9. Guests of students who have a shared bedroom option, including overnight guests, are NOT permitted in the student bedrooms at any time.
  10. Guests under the age of 18 are not permitted in the residence halls at any time without the advance permission of the Director of Residence and Student Life.
  11. Any guest who parks a vehicle on campus at any time will be required to fully complete and place a Guest Parking Registration Form in the front window of their vehicle. These forms are available outside the Security Office located in Leach Hall and in the Student Affairs Office. Any vehicle parked on campus that is not registered with the Student Affairs Office may be towed.
  12. Exceptions to these policies may be requested in writing to the Director of Residence and Student Life.

Minumum Sanctions for Guest/Visitor Policy Violations

Resident Student

Offense Sanction 1 Sanction 2 Sanction 3
1st Disciplinary Warning $150.00/guest fine*  
2nd Probation for 1 Year $300.00/guest fine* loss of guest privileges for 1 semester
3rd Final Probation $500.00/guest fine* loss of guest privileges for 1 year

*Fine will be doubled if the guest has been banned or suspended.

Non-Residential Students/Non-GBC Persons

Offense Sanction 1
1st Expulsion (Permanent Ban) from the Residence Halls

Halogen Lamps

The use of halogen lamps in the residence halls is prohibited at all times, due to the potential danger of fires. Violation of this policy will result in confiscation of the prohibited item. Disciplinary action will result for subsequent offenses, with the possibility of expulsion from the residence halls.

Lockdown Policy

The College reserves the right to lock down the Residence Halls in the event of a situation that may pose a danger to the residential community. Lock-down is a maximum security measure implemented to limit access and movement around campus. During a lock-down students will not be allowed to enter or exit any residence hall for their protection. Students are required to follow all verbal and posted directions regarding the lock-down and failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

The Office of Residence Life will notify students regarding the lock-down and inform them when the lockdown has been removed. When the College is in lock-down mode please follow the steps below.

  • Follow all verbal and posted instructions
  • Stay inside your apartments
  • Lock all doors and windows (this includes the deadbolt on the apartment door as well as the sliding glass doors in Miller and Jackson)
  • Stay clear of all windows and doors

Lock-Out Policy

The Office of Residence Life and Campus Security focus on providing a safe and secure residential environment for all students at Goldey-Beacom College. Lost Lightning Cards compromise the security of the residence halls and student apartments. In addition, lock-outs remove staff from activities that may include proactive steps to secure the residential environment/College as well as a range of other duties. If a student is locked out of his/her apartment and needs to regain entry, he/she must follow the procedures outlined below. Depending on the day and time of the lock-out, student may have to wait a minimum of one hour.

  1. Contact the appropriate staff member on call depending on the following schedule;


  • 8:00am-8:00pm: Student Affairs Office, 302-225-6332
  • 8:00pm-12:00am: Resident Assistants, 302-593-0169
  • 12:00am-8:00am: Campus Security, 302-547-0988


  • 8:00am-5:00pm: Student Affairs Office, 302-225-6332
  • 5:00pm-8:00am: Campus Security, 302-547-0988

Saturday & Sunday

  • 8:00am-8:00pm: Campus Security, 302-547-0988
  • 8:00pm-12:00am: Resident Assistants, 302-593-0169
  • 12:00am-8:00am: Campus Security, 302-547-0988
  1. If the student has been locked out of the student's assigned apartment, staff will escort the student to the apartment and the Lightning Card must be presented before staff will exit the apartment.
  2. Students will complete an Apartment Lock-out Form. If a student exceeds two (2) lock-outs during the semester, a monetary charge of $10.00 will be assessed beginning with the third lock-out and will continue for every subsequent lock-out until the end of the semester.

Max Occupancy Policy

Students are permitted to have guests and visitors in their apartments based on the Guests/Visitors Policy. However students are limited to a maximum number of individuals allowed in an apartment at one time.

Apartment Size Max per apartment
2/3 Bedroom  12*
1 Bedroom  6*

*The number includes any residents of the apartment present in the apartment at the time.

Students and their guests are required to follow all guidelines listed in the Guest/Visitor Policy while hosting guests. Disturbances requiring sanction include but are not limited to the following:

  • excessive noise
  • verbal abuse directed at any individual or group (including Campus Security, RA's, College Staff, GBC students or visitors)
  • physical violence (including pushing, shoving, striking, or unwanted touching)
  • damage to property
  • failure to follow Guests/Visitors Policy
  • providing alcohol to persons under the age of 21
  • consumption of alcohol if not of legal drinking age
  • excessive alcohol intoxication
  • Drug violations including the odor of marijuana

Quiet/Courtesy Hours

Any noise that can be heard outside a student apartment at any time is disruptive; therefore, courtesy hours are in effective 24 hours a day. Specifically, quiet hours will be enforced based on the following schedule.

  • Sunday through Wednesday 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday from Midnight to 8:00 a.m.

The College extends quiet hours during exam periods to a 24-hour quiet environment for the entire campus. Any disruptions during exam quiet hours can result in immediate suspension from housing.


No pets of any type are permitted in the residence halls, with the exception of fish. Fish must be kept in containers not more than 1.5 gallon in size. Pets will be confiscated upon discovery and may be turned over to the SPCA. Residents will be billed for any cleaning or exterminator fees that result from having a pet on campus and may receive disciplinary action.


Smoking/use of tobacco, of any kind, is not permitted in any of the residence halls, including hallways, stairwells, balconies any other common space.  Use of cigarettes, electronic cigarettes (including vaping), cigars, smokeless tobacco products, etc. are prohibited. Also prohibited is paraphernalia including ashtrays, hookahs, posters, displays, etc. Violations will result in judicial sanctions  . Students are permitted to smoke outside but must stay clear of all entrances and exits.


The College is not responsible for the theft of personal items from the residence halls, grounds, or automobiles. If a theft should occur, it should be reported immediately to the Resident Assistant(s), the Office of Residence Life, and/or Campus Security.

Violence Policy

The Office of Residence Life expects our community members to maintain a high level of civility. It is the philosophy of the College that students will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, with regard to different opinions. The Office of Residence Life WILL NOT tolerate any form of disruptive/threatening behavior including hazing and bullying. A list of disruptive/threatening behavior can be found in the Student Code of Conduct.  

Weapons and Ammunition

Weapons and ammunition are prohibited from the residence halls. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms, switchblades/hunting knifes etc., martial arts weapons, slingshots, bb and pellet guns, paintball guns, water guns, and the like. Any implement that propels a projectile will be considered a weapon in this policy. Violation of this policy will result in judicial sanctions   including immediate expulsion from the residence halls.

Water/Paint Fights

Students are prohibited from engaging in any type of water/paint fight on campus. This includes the use of water balloons, hoses, containers, and the like for the purpose of a water fight. Disciplinary action will result for subsequent offenses, with the possibility of expulsion from the residence halls

Missing Student Policy

This policy applies to students who reside in campus housing, including any off-campus apartment units that may be leased by the College for resident students.

Goldey-Beacom College takes students safety seriously.  To this end, and in compliance with the Missing Student Notification Policy and Procedures (Section 488 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008), the following policy has been developed in order to assist in locating Goldey-Beacom College students, who, based on the facts and circumstances known to the College, are determined to be missing.  It is the policy of Goldey-Beacom College to actively investigate any report of a missing student.  All students living on campus will be notified of the missing student policy and the procedures Goldey-Beacom College would follow in the event that they are reported missing. 

Each student will be asked to identify the name and contact number of the individual(s) whom Goldey-Beacom College will notify within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing.  For any student under the age of 18 the institution is required to notify a custodial parent or guardian within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing, in addition to notifying any additional contact person designated by the student.  Students' contact information will be registered confidentially, made accessible only to authorized campus officials, and will not be disclosed except to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of a missing person investigation.

If a member of the College community has reason to believe that a student is missing, he or she must report it to the Campus Security.  For non-emergencies call (302)547-0988; for emergencies call 911.  All efforts will be made immediately (no waiting period) to locate the student to determine the student's health and wellbeing.  These efforts include, but are not limited to, calling the student's cell phone and sending a text message, looking at social networking sites, checking the student's room, interviewing roommates and friends, checking attendance in class, checking GBC Lightning Card access use, and locating the student's vehicle.

If upon investigation by the Residence Life staff, the student is determined missing for at least 24 hours, the Dean of Students will contact the student's designated emergency contact (and custodial parent or legal guardian if the student is under the age of 18 or has failed to designate an emergency contact).  Campus Security will notify the Delaware State Police Troop 6 within 24 hours of the determination that a student is missing, unless the police was the entity that made the determination that the student is missing.  Campus Security will continue to investigate in collaboration with the Dean of Students and Residence Life staff.  Campus Security will also coordinate its efforts with outside law enforcement agencies in full compliance with legal obligations.