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2018-2019 Student Handbook 
2018-2019 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Housing Contract

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Full year contracts cover the Fall and Spring semesters only; separate contracts are available for Winter and Summer sessions. Fall/Spring contracts will be available to all students in February of each year. Contracts become available according to the following schedule;

  1. Fall Spring: February/March
  2. Winter: November
  3. Spring Only: December
  4. Summer: April/May

Space for on-campus living is not guaranteed. Preference will be given to incoming first-year students, returning current residents, and other undergraduates. A wait list will be created and further assignments will be made on a space available basis.

Cancellation Policy

A Housing Contract Cancellation Request Form must be submitted to the Director of Residence and Student Life for official cancellation of on campus housing.  Any student who wishes to cancel a Fall/Spring housing contract is financially responsible for the following amounts:

 If the cancellation occurs:

Cancellation Time Period Cancellation Fee/Payment
Cancellation Prior to May 1, 2018 $0 Cancellation Fee
Cancellation between May 1, 2018 - August 16, 2018 $475 Cancellation Fee
Cancellation between August 17, 2018 - January 1, 2019 $475 Cancellation Fee and full Fall payment
Cancellation between January 2, 2019 - May 3, 2019 Full payment of Fall and Spring semester

Security Damage/Deposit

All resident students are required to maintain a security/damage deposit of $200.00 on account. Any damages and/or non-behavioral fines assessed by the Office of Residence Life to the student will be taken directly from this account. The security/damage deposit account is in addition to the cost of housing and any remaining balance can be refunded if the student is no longer living on campus, has fulfilled the student's current housing contract, and does not have an existing balance with the College.

New Student To Housing: Any student who did not live on campus previously or does not have a security-damage deposit on account from a previous year;

  • Will have his/her initial $200.00 housing deposit put towards the creation of the security/damage deposit.
  • Will owe the full amount of the cost of the bedroom option that was chosen on the housing contract.

Returning Student to Housing: All students who previously lived on campus and still have a security/damage deposit on account;​

  • Will have all or part of the $50.00 housing deposit applied to the security deposit account if the student has a balance owed to that account. If the amount due in the security/damage deposit account exceeds $50.00, the student will be required to pay the balance due prior to moving into the residence halls.
  • Any remaining balance of the $50.00 housing deposit will be applied towards the cost of the housing contract.
  • Will have the $50.00 housing deposit applied to the cost of the contract if a $200.00 security deposit already exists.

Housing Bedroom Option

The Office of Residence Life currently offers standard bedroom options. Standard bedroom option is defined as the maximum number of students that are housed in a particular room. For most of the bedrooms on campus, this number would be three. However, there are some bedrooms which designate only two students as the standard occupancy.

There are also a limited number of medical singles available for students with severe documented medical conditions. Students who have a severe medical conditions must contact the Office of Residence Life directly. Cost will be based on which bedroom option is chosen with the standard bedroom option being the least expensive.

Students will not be permitted to request changes to the bedroom option selected once the semester has begun. Changes to a student's bedroom option for the following semester may be requested from the Director of Residence and Student Life and, if approved, may result in reassignment.