May 25, 2018  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog

English, Communications and Media Concentration, B.A.

To prepare for careers in media and technology fields, students can elect English with a concentration in Communications and Media. The concentration combines courses in practical, hands-on information technology applications with courses that explore the social and cultural implications of today’s communication tools and media.

Program Goals:

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts in English degree, students will:

  • demonstrate a broad understanding of the study of literature, including
    • knowledge of literary genre attributes and conventions.
    • knowledge of trends and differences in a variety of literary traditions.
    • knowledge of core theoretical literary approaches and an ability to apply them.
  • demonstrate competence in writing and communication, including
    • competence in writing and communication skills for particular purposes, audiences, and media.
    • competence in visual communication using a specific visual communication technology.
  • demonstrate an ability to conduct research relevant to the field of English and communication.
  • obtain employment in a communication-related field or enter a graduate program of study.


Suggested sequence of courses:

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester (15 Credits)

Spring Semester (15 Credits)

Junior Year

Fall Semester (15 Credits)

Spring Semester (15 Credits)

Senior Year

Minimum credits required: 120

* Students are required to take one COM Elective such as COM 341 - Group Dynamics  or COM 342 - New Technologies in Communication .

GE Electives include Business Courses; students can take 15 credits in business; 6 toward BA and 9 additional to earn a minor in Business (129 total credits).