Sep 15, 2019  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog V2 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog V2

Business Administration, International Business Management Concentration, M.B.A.

The International Business Management concentration is carefully designed to provide graduate students with the necessary knowledge, insight and background to excel in a business that is becoming increasingly and inevitably global. The program will approach the study of international business from the standpoint of managers who must function in a global competitive environment. Recognizing that effective leadership in international business requires a range of skills, students enrolled in the program will develop knowledge and skills related to global issues in business, international capital budgeting and international marketing.

Program Goals:

Upon successful completion of the Master of Business Administration degree, students will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the concepts, terminology, and approaches in the major areas of management and related decision-making technologies.
  • develop knowledge of the terminology and concepts used in marketing and to apply these concepts effectively in understanding the complexities of decision-making in today's competitive marketing environment.
  • demonstrate mastery of advanced knowledge in corporate financial management topics including capital budgeting, cost of capital & capital structures, financial analysis, time value of money & valuation methodologies.
  • demonstrate knowledge and skills required to obtain employment in their field.
  • develop the skills necessary to continued success in their fields including leadership abilities and a heightened sense of social responsibility and ethics.


The MBA Program with a Concentration in International Business Management consists of:

MBA Core Competency Courses (6 Credits)

Students with proven knowledge will take elective courses in place of the core competency courses. 

MBA Core Courses (21 Credits)

* Students with an undergraduate degree in accounting should take ACC 645 .

International Business Management Concentration Courses (9 Credits)

Choose three course from the following electives offered:

Total: 36 Credits