Jun 15, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog V2 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog V2

The Major and Liberal Arts/General Education Components

The Major Component

Each program of study at Goldey-Beacom College is fashioned around a common academic core of coursework designed to prepare the student for their chosen field (e.g. psychology, business, economics). All programs are carefully designed to give students an ideal mix of practical skills and in-depth theoretical understanding of the subject matter.

In addition, the Business Studies Mission applies to all business degree programs/majors offered at the College.

The Liberal Arts/General Education Component

The liberal arts/general education component is designed to provide students with the broader context of human, social, and economic perspectives which complement the content of their major studies. Successful leaders understand the implications their decisions have on themselves, their families, their communities, and their working environment. These decisions involve ethnical judgment, clear and analytical thinking, a sense of social responsibility, an understanding of people, and a notion of justice. Goldey-Beacom College’s liberal arts/general education curriculum seeks to help students realize that leadership is more than the mastery of a series of skills. It is the understanding of a complex social environment. Therefore, the course in humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and communications foster:

  • A faculty for critical and analytical thinking.
  • A facility for quantitative analysis.
  • An appreciation of our cultural and intellectual heritage.
  • An international perspective.
  • A moral and ethical awareness.
  • A capacity for excellence in written and oral communications.
  • An understanding of self and society