Jun 15, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog V2 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog V2

Business Administration, Financial Management Concentration, B.S. (120 Credits)

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If you wish to manage the finances for an organization in any industry, the Financial Management concentration in Business Administration may be the perfect fit for you. Students in this degree program will acquire a broad scope of knowledge ranging from accounting to finance and economics, to softer skills like management and humanities. Course work in Microsoft desktop applications, economics, accounting, financial management, investment portfolio, risk analysis, management and business law prepares students for financial management careers in a wide range of industries.

Graduates with a Business Administration degree may take advantage of the College’s Five Year Bachelor/Master Program, and complete their MBA with just one additional year of full time study.

Program Goals:

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, students will:

  • demonstrate an ability to conduct relevant research in their field of business and/or their concentration.
  • exhibit mastery of basic business knowledge, concepts, and terminology in the specific areas of marketing, management, accounting, and finance.
  • demonstrate knowledge and skills required to obtain employment in their field.
  • develop the skills necessary to succeed in their fields including leadership abilities and a heightened sense of social responsibility and ethics.

Financial Management Concentration Courses (18 Credits)

Humanities Electives (6 Credits)

Upper Level Business Elective Requirements (6 Credits)

Select two 300-400 level Business courses.

Upper Level General Elective Requirement (3 Credits)

Select any 300-400 level course from any discipline.

Lower Level General Elective Requirements (9 Credits)

Select three 100-200 level courses from any discipline.

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