Jun 12, 2021  
2015-2016 Student Handbook 
2015-2016 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Location: Leach Hall Security Office Phone: (302) 995-1849
Cell: (302) 547-0988

The College maintains a trained security staff which makes regular patrols throughout the grounds and buildings. Security cameras are installed throughout campus to enhance student safety. There are cameras in the hallways, at the entrance and exit points, and around the exterior of all College buildings.

Additional information pertaining to security may be obtained through the Student Affairs Office.

Reporting a Crime

Goldey-Beacom College encourages all students and employees to accurately and promptly report any crimes and emergencies to Campus Security or the Student Affairs Office. Campus Security can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 302-547-0988. The Student Affairs Office is located in the Joseph West Jones Center and is open from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. The Student Affairs Office is available for walk-in complaints or can be reached by dialing 302-225-6332. Any student or employee wishing to report a crime and/or emergency outside of office hours should contact Campus Security. The College will make every attempt, to the extent possible, to maintain confidentiality with regard to the reporting of crimes. Students and employees have the option to directly notify law enforcement authorities about a crime. Goldey-Beacom College will assist any student or employee who wishes to directly contact the law enforcement authorities.

The College strongly encourages victims and witnesses to voluntarily report all crime directly to Campus Security or the Student Affairs Office. However, in some instances, members of the campus community may not wish to do so. In such cases, students and employees are able to submit anonymous reports through the College Talk Back! system which is located on Campus Web, the College's portal for students and employees, or the College's website at www.gbc.edu/talkback/. The Student Affairs Office will file a report on the details without revealing the student's identity for purposes of inclusion in the crime statistics when anonymous reports are received. Employees also have a reporting mechanism for reporting incidents to Campus Security and the College administration electronically. Incident reporting is encouraged should an employee witness a situation or have a concern about a potential situation or issue. All incident reporting is reviewed for possible inclusion in the crime statistics. All reports received, either voluntarily or anonymously, are treated in a confidential manner.

Any faculty, staff, or student who witnesses or has knowledge of a crime including violations of sexual misconduct is considered a bystander. Bystander invention is "recognizing a potentially harmful situation or interaction and choosing to respond in a way that could positively influence the outcome." The College strongly encourages the intervention of bystanders to help prevent and/or report a crime in safe ways. To intervene safely, bystanders should intervene in groups rather than individually. Choosing a method of intervention that de-escalates the situation is safer than attempting a confrontation; however, there is no one single rule for every situation. The College will take all reasonable protective measures for victims and any bystanders who have intervened in the situation. The reasons for any accommodations/protective measures will remain confidential to extent possible as long as the confidentiality does not impair the ability of the College to provide the accommodations/protective measures. The College will provide written notification to a victim or bystander regarding the protective measures the College can take, if needed.

Protective Measures for Victims/Bystanders

  • Housing relocation
  • Academic schedule change
  • Working schedule modification
  • Office relocation
  • No Contact Order
  • Transportation
  • Other reasonable measures

Retaliation against anyone for filing a complaint of discrimination or harassment, for reporting a crime, or for participating in any investigative proceedings is strictly prohibited by College policy.

Campus Crime Statistics

Under federal law, Goldey-Beacom College publishes an annual Campus Safety and Fire Safety Report. The Report contains information on campus security and personal and fire safety, including crime-reporting policies and other important matters relating to security on campus. It also contains statistics for the three previous calendar years on reported crimes that occurred on campus. A hard copy of the Campus Safety and Fire Safety Report is available in the College's Student Affairs Office.

Availability of Fire and Safety Reports

The GBC Fire Safety Report and Campus Crime Statistics can be obtained as hard copy in the Student Affairs Office in the Joseph West Jones Center. Reports for the most recent reporting year are available no later than October 1 of each year. Students may also review the most recent Fire Log or Crime Log (showing incidents for the previous 60 days) by contacting the Student Affairs Office at 302-225-6332 and making an appointment during normal business hours. These documents are available for public inspection.

Crime Prevention

The following outlines some precautionary measures recommended by Campus Security to prevent crime:

  • Students and employees should lock doors and windows at all times, even if only going down the hall or across the street.
  • Student and Employee Identification Cards should be carried at all times.
  • Anything suspicious should be reported to Campus Security at (302) 547-0988, Student Affairs Office at (302) 225-6332, or the Business Office at (302) 225-6268 as soon as possible.


In case of a campus emergency, contact Campus Security at (302) 547-0988, the Student Affairs Office at (302) 225-6332, or the Business Office at (302) 225-6268.

Escort Service

Students requiring an escort to their vehicles should notify the Student Affairs Office at (302) 225-6332 or Security at (302) 547-0988.

Traffic Gates

Traffic gates are located on the north side of the College's campus off Stoney-Batter Road. The gates at the Side Entrance and at the Service Road are used to control traffic and to enhance the safety and security of campus during the evening and night time hours. The Main Entrance at the intersection of Limestone Road and New Linden Hill Road is open at all times. For the current Campus Access Schedule, please contact the Student Affairs Office. To meet the needs of the College campus, the Campus Access Schedule may be adjusted from time to time.