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2022-2023 Academic Catalog V2 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog V2 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GD 205 - Communication Design I

(3 Credits) DCAD

The goal of Communication Design I class is to introduce, then see the student thrive in the process of making meaningful visual communication. Proven principles of juxtaposition, element hierarchy, and frameof-use are explored as the foundation to more rigorous levels of complexity. The student will progress from simple to more involved exercises, intended to provide the sills and confidence to undertake involved visual management. Achievement of the goal will provide awareness of the creative process through evaluation of the designer’s examples, classroom discussion, and presentations. Students who successfully complete this course will understand the sequence of working with design elements and be able to apply their individual point of view to a varied degree of assignments from concept to completion. Working on more pragmatic design problems, students will then begin to examine and create complex hierarchical relationships, such as structuring information and imagery on the screen.


Note: This course is offered at Delaware College of Art & Design (DCAD).

Prerequisite(s): FN 132  

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