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2019-2020 Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Resources and Services

Academic Resource Center

Location: Hirons Library & Learning Center, Jones Center Phone: (302) 225-6229

The purpose of the John R. Miller Academic Resource Center is to supplement the class and home learning experiences of Goldey-Beacom students.

The primary focus is on the first and second year of study in such areas as English, mathematics, ITG 148 and 149, and accounting.

All students are welcome to refine their skills through:

  • Professional and peer tutoring
  • Multimedia instructional programs
  • Assistance with academic success skills
  • Administration of make-up tests

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with a peer tutor or stop by for more information about the services offered. Additional information may also be obtained by visiting

Admissions Office

Location: Clarence A. Fulmer Center, 1st Floor Phone: (302) 225-6248

Undergraduate Studies

Goldey-Beacom College makes education accessible to motivated, hard-working applicants. While grades, test scores, and class rank are important, our admissions criteria are flexible and every application is individually reviewed to determine potential for academic and career success. Additional information pertaining to admission procedures may be obtained from the Admissions Office or by visiting

Graduate Studies

Individuals completing a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university and giving evidence of the ability and preparation necessary for the satisfactory completion of graduate course work are invited to apply to the Graduate Program. Goldey-Beacom College offers an MBA Degree, a Master of Management Degree, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and a Master of Science in Taxation or Finance Degree in which each individual student is valued. GBC undergraduate students planning to continue in the Graduate Program may take graduate courses as electives in their undergraduate program, thereby, shortening their time in the graduate program.


Doctoral Studies

Location: Clarence A. Fulmer Center, Ground Floor Phone: (302) 225-6297

Highly motivated individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree at an accredited college or university and show advanced levels of critical thinking, literature review, writing and data analysis necessary for the satisfactory completion of doctoral work are invited to apply to the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program. GBC graduate students who are interested in applying to the DBA Program will need to complete an online application from the website.  They will also need to submit: all official, non-GBC transcripts; two letters of recommendation; a statement of purpose; and a resume.  


Advisement Office/Registrar’s Office

Location: Clarence A. Fulmer Center, 1st Floor Phone: (302) 225-6265

Advisors in the Financial Aid/Advisement Office assist students in class scheduling, online registration, processing financial aid, graduation petitioning, and maintaining academic records, including transcripts. They also monitor and enforce academic standards, provide students, upon request, with up-to-date academic information on academic policies and procedures, and assist students with general academic-related matters. Students interested in learning more about the diversity of the student body at the College may contact the Registrar’s Office.

Campus Web

Campus Web provides students with access to the College’s learning management software (LMS), class schedules, online registration, course offerings, grade reports, unofficial transcripts, degree requirements, student finances, online payments, financial aid information and more. The LMS allows students to view course syllabi, handouts, assignments, and course-related grades as well as to take tests and email classmates and faculty. Current classes are listed in the My Courses quick link (left menu) 14 days prior to the start of the class until 14 days after the end of the class. Students should explore the different tabs within the Campus Web portal which contain registration, advising & registrar, career services, finances, library, campus life, campus safety, and technology resources as well as general announcements. Access the portal at See the Student Network Account section for more information on the student’s GBC Network username and password.

Our Parent Portal provides an online account for parents/guardians to view their GBC student’s financial information, academic information, housing assignments and related details, financial aid and scholarship awards as well as missing documents needed to process aid, student life records, and to make online payments. For parents to view or discuss any of the above information with the appropriate College representative, the GBC student needs to grant specific access online using the FERPA Information Release Form located on the Advising & Registrar tab in Campus Web.

Career Services

Location: Joseph West Jones College Center, Career Services Office Phone: (302) 225-6256

Career Services provides individual career development and employment assistance to students and alumni. Areas of focus include self-assessment, cover letters, resumes, networking, and interview techniques. Career Services also provides many opportunities for students and alumni to connect with employers formally and informally. Career Services is a lifetime resource available to both students and alumni throughout their career.

Career Services makes appropriate job search materials and career development services available to students through the following resources:

  • Online GBC job board and resume posting/referral activities to enable students and employers to connect online
  • Personalized assistance with writing effective job search correspondence and resumes
  • Mock Interviews and assistance with interviewing techniques
  • Big Interview, an online mock interview application that combines practice and training 
  • FOCUS-2, a self-assessment online program for evaluating skills, interests, and potential careers
  • Current publications and career-related handouts
  • On-campus recruiting and interviewing with employers who have career-related opportunities available
  • Career Fairs
  • Internship and CPT programs
  • Career development seminars and workshops/programs held throughout the academic year focusing on topics including networking, professional appearance, interviewing skills and career exploration

For additional information on the services available and for updates on the career development activities scheduled throughout the academic year, please visit the website or email


Academic and career counseling services are provided for students of the College by the professional staff of the Student Affairs, Financial Aid/Advisement, and Career Services offices to assist students in making satisfactory adjustments to college life and in achieving academic success. Students are encouraged to take the initiative in seeking these services. Students who desire counseling for personal or medical issues are encouraged to see the Student Affairs Office for a referral list of off-campus resources.

Financial Aid

Location: Clarence A. Fulmer Center, 1st Floor Phone: (302) 225-6265

Financial aid funds are available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, or work opportunities for eligible students who need financial aid assistance in order to pursue a college education. The type and amount of financial aid awarded to a qualified student is based upon the student’s eligibility as well as the amount of financial aid funds available for disbursement. All types of federal and GBC-funded financial aid awards for a period of one academic year unless the terms of an action plan are not met; therefore, students must re-apply for federal and state financial aid funds each year by completing and submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students entering the College who are accepted into an eligible program of study may qualify for GBC scholarships, state, and federal financial aid funds. Recipients must meet the U.S. citizenship requirements for federal and state financial aid programs.

Additional information pertaining to the financial aid application procedures as well as the Rights and Responsibilities of a federal financial aid recipient may be obtained from visiting the Financial Aid/ Advisement Office section of the GBC catalog.

Summary of Student Consumer Rights and Responsibilities:

A student who receives financial aid from Goldey-Beacom College has the following rights:

  • To know the costs of attendance at the institution.
  • To know all available sources of financial aid.
  • To speak with a Financial Aid Advisor who evaluates the student’s need.
  • To be informed of all aspects of the financial aid package awarded including special disbursal of aid
  • To know the academic expectations of the institution.

A student who receives financial aid from Goldey-Beacom College also has the following responsibilities:

  • To apply for financial aid by the established deadline as determined by Goldey-Beacom College.
  • To report to the Financial Aid Office any awards received from agencies outside the College.
  • To maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • To comply with College policies and the Student Code of Conduct.
  • To comply with established loan repayment schedules.
  • To report to the Financial Aid Office any changes in family or student financial status.

The student’s financial aid awards may be cancelled or reduced if:

  • any of the information on the financial aid applications is erroneous
  • requested documents are not provided to validate eligibility
  • enrollment status changes
  • the student’s program of study changes.

Information pertaining to the “Summary of Student Consumer Rights and Responsibilities” may be obtained from the College’s Financial Aid Office.

Goldey-Beacom College is required by federal regulations to electronically report student academic term enrollment status every 60 days. Repayment of a student’s federal student loan may begin earlier than anticipated as a result of withdrawing from the College and the required enrollment reporting to the federal National Student Loan Database (NSLDS).  A student can contact an Advisor if there are questions.

Graduate and Doctoral students who wish to borrow from the Federal Direct Student Loan program must be enrolled in no less than six (6) credits or two (2) courses in a given academic term. Undergraduate students must also be enrolled in at least six (6) credits or two (2) courses in a given academic term. Any student who received federal student loan funds and drops below six (6) credits in a given academic term, may require the College to return a portion of or all of the federal loan monies applied to the borrower’s GBC student account to the federal government. When dropping a course, the student speaks with an Advisor to determine if any outstanding balance is now due to the College because of reducing the course load.

Footnotes, the Campus Store

Location: Clarence A. Fulmer Center, Ground Floor Phone: (302) 225-6300

Footnotes, the Campus Store, is the on-campus stop for Goldey-Beacom College insignia clothing and giftware. School and office supplies, greeting cards, stamps, health and beauty aids, candy and snacks are also available for purchase in the store.

Footnotes partners with MBS Direct to offer the Goldey-Beacom College Online Bookstore for all textbook purchases. Students can conveniently order textbooks online or over the phone by calling 1-800-325-3252. Steps for ordering textbooks online can be obtained at Students should place orders prior to start of semester/session and allow time for shipping to ensure course materials are received and ready for the start of class. Students who have questions about the Goldey-Beacom College Online Bookstore can see their Advisors or visit the Campus Store for assistance. For questions about the textbook ordering process, or other services MBS Direct offers, MBS’s customer service team is available to answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact them directly at 1-800-325-3252 or email

The Campus Store also partners with MBS to offer students an online textbook buyback. Students may choose to sell unwanted textbooks online through the Goldey-Beacom College Online Bookstore at any time of the year. MBS Direct provides this buyback opportunity at no cost to students, and shipping is free!

GBC Email

A GBC Email account is established for every new student at the College. Students may access webmail at or configure the email account on their personal devices. GBC Email serves as the official means of sending information to students by faculty and staff. Using GBC Email helps ensure students receive prompt service. Please refer to the policies on the required use of the GBC Email account. For account questions/problems, please call a Student Tech Assistant in the Hirons Library and Learning Center at (302) 225-6277, email, or stop by the HLLC where a Student Tech Assistant is available for assistance. See the Student Network Account section for more information on the student’s GBC Network username and password.

Students who provide an email address during the admissions application or financial aid process are considered to be voluntarily opting into email communication with the College. Goldey-Beacom College uses GBC Email to provide notices, make disclosures, and direct students to the secure student portal, Campus Web.


Students have access to the GBC Wi-Fi, which is available in most locations on Campus. Common indoor areas such as the HLLC, lounges, apartments, and classrooms are covered by the network. Most outside locations are also accessible, including the gazebo near the softball field, outside seating areas, parking lots, etc.

Students should access configuration instructions by logging into Campus Web, clicking the Technology tab and selecting GBC Wi-Fi from the left menu. Students encountering problems can obtain assistance from a Student Tech Assistant in the Hirons Library and Learning Center or request an appointment by completing the online wireless appointment request form. Two weeks into each academic term, any enrolled student who has not secured their schedule for the current academic term will lose wireless access. Once a student secures their schedule, access will be reinstated within one business day. Students can check to see if they have secured their class schedules on Campus Web by selecting Have I Secured My Schedule? located on the Finances tab. Students who have not completed the required Building a GBC Community - Student VAWA Training after two reminders may lose wireless access. Once the student completes the training, wireless access will be reinstated within one business day.


The gbcALERT system is aimed at improving safety on Campus and enables Goldey-Beacom College to provide rapid delivery of messages via text messaging and email. With one text message or email, everyone can be notified about Campus emergencies, weather cancellations or delays, Campus happenings, etc. All students are encouraged to utilize this service. The College immediately notifies the Campus Community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, or staff on Campus.

All students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled for emergency notifications with their GBC Email addresses and mobile phone numbers on record. Users may add emails and mobile phone numbers or opt out of text messages at The system allows for three email addresses and three mobile phone numbers. Standard text messaging fees may be charged by the user’s service provider and are the responsibility of the user. For more information, visit:

Internships for Academic Credit Program

Location: Joseph West Jones College Center, Career Services Office Phone: (302) 225-6256

Internships, which facilitate the transition from academic coursework to the world of work, may be available to interested and eligible students. All undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in the Internship program prior to graduating. An internship is a unique educational plan in which the student integrates classroom study with planned and supervised work experience. This educational process allows students to acquire practical skills and exposure to the reality of the workplace beyond the boundaries of the campus, to enhance self-awareness, and to help provide direction with regard to career choice. For more information, students should contact the Career Services Office.

Below are the procedures for participating in the program:

  • Any undergraduate matriculating student who has completed at least half of his/her degree requirements at the time of application and has a minimum GPA of 2.75 is qualified for the internship program.
  • The student must satisfy a work requirement of 300 hours for three academic credits for one semester or 600 hours for 6 academic credits for two semesters. Associate degree students are only permitted three credits of internship hours.
  • The internship will be slotted for elective credits and will be graded as Pass or Fail only.
  • The student can only begin the internship hours after turning in the application and relevant paperwork to sign up for the credits.
  • The internship must be relevant to the student’s area of study.
  • During the internship timeframe, the student will be required to submit a term paper based on the student’s field experience, and the Internship Supervisor will be required to complete a Student Internship Evaluation Form sent out by the Career Services Office.

All students who qualify for the Internship Program are encouraged to make an appointment with the Career Services Office and fill out the appropriate paperwork for approval.

Library & Learning Center

Location: Joseph West Jones College Center, Hirons Library & Learning Center Phone: (302) 225-6247

Located in the Jones Center, the Hirons Library & Learning Center (the HLLC) has a computer lab, an Academic Resource Center, and a library with a One Button Studio.  Current students, staff, and faculty may use computers, laptops, and iPads for research purposes.  Electronic resources can be accessed remotely or on campus.  Authorized users can check-out print books with a self-checkout machine.

The Hirons Library and Learning Center staff is available to assist with informational and research requests in-person as well as via telephone and email. Information literacy instructions sessions are tailored to specific course needs and are conducted throughout the year. Individual help is available when needed. The Hirons Library and Learning Center staff welcomes suggestions for service and materials.

The Hirons Library and Learning Center is open seven days a week (except for major holidays). Specific hours of operation are posted in the Jones Center and on the Hirons Library and Learning Center webpage. Students must have Lightning Cards in order to check out books and other materials from the Hirons Library & Learning Center. Please see Hirons Library & Learning Center Policy for information about fines.

Additional information pertaining to the Hirons Library and Learning Center, including its services, may be obtained by contacting the Hirons Library & Learning Center in-person or by visiting

Loss of Personal Property

Location: Joseph West Jones College Center, Student Affairs Office Phone: (302) 225-6332

Students may contact the Student Affairs Office to report lost items. The College does not assume responsibility for loss of books, clothing, or other personal property. All items in the Lost and Found will be disposed of at the end of fall and spring semesters.

Net Partner

Net Partner provides students access to accept their financial aid and scholarship awards each year and to view financial aid data including the status of the student’s financial aid package for a particular academic year, the amounts of each financial aid award, as well as information on federal loan disbursements and loan history. Once logged into Campus Web, students may access Net Partner from the link in the left menu on the Financial Aid tab.

Parking Permits

All vehicles operated and parked on the College property by full and part-time students, faculty, staff, and vendors must be registered with the College.  Vehicle registration does not guarantee a parking space, but it affords the registrant the opportunity to park in authorized areas where sufficient space is available.  Parking permits may not be shared or transferred.  Goldey-Beacom College is not responsible for damage to or theft from vehicles parked on campus.  Parking is permitted in handicap spaces only with state issued handicapped placard clearly visible.  Parking is strictly prohibited in all fire and emergency lanes.  Parking permits are valid for one academic year.

Residence Life

Location: Joseph West Jones College Center, Student Affairs Suite Phone: (302) 225-6241

Full-time students are invited to reside on campus in the College’s residence halls. Each hall consists of apartment-style living. Apartments are fully furnished and include a kitchen, dining area, living area, two bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets with laundry facilities in each building. It is strongly suggested that the housing deposit be made early since the capacity of on-campus housing is limited.

The staff of the Office of Residence Life is employed by the College to ensure resident guidelines enforcement, to offer regular developmental programs, to act as Resident Student Association Advisor, and to assign housing on campus. Upperclassmen are selected as residence hall paraprofessionals (Resident Assistants) to assist the Director of Residence and Student Life.

Additional information pertaining to Residence Life may be obtained by visiting the Residence Life within the Student Handbook  .

SAM 2016 License & Certification Program

Goldey-Beacom College provides the SAM 2016 License and Certification Program*.  SAM 2016 is an interactive online learning environment that helps students master Microsoft Office software concepts essential to academic and career success.  This Program provides students with access to SAM 2016 and one Microsoft Office certification exam voucher for each actively enrolled ITG/IT course for each student.  This Program is also financially beneficial to students because it enables them to utilize SAM 2016 at a reduced rate.  

This Program provides an effective learning experience for students as it eliminates the need for them to purchase SAM 2016 access at a higher cost and prevents them from purchasing incorrect versions or expired licenses.  It ensures that students have the required access they need beginning with the first day of class.  Learn more about SAM 2016 by contacting the instructor of the course which uses SAM 2016 (ITG 148, ITG 149, ITG 325, and IT 253).


  • Participation in the SAM program is mandatory for students enrolled in any of the following courses: ITG 148, ITG 149, ITG 325, and IT 253
  • Each enrolled student will be provided one voucher to take the Microsoft certification test for the course at no charge.  Should the student need to retake the test, a charge of $45 will apply.  When the student successfully passes the retake of the test, the student will receive a $45 credit on the student’s GBC student account.
  • Once a student activates the SAM 2016 license, the activation cannot be reversed and the charge of $75 will apply.
  • The SAM 2016 license is not transferable and may not be sold/resold to other students.

Should the College transition to more current versions of Microsoft Office and SAM in its ITG/IT courses, a new Program fee will apply.

Software and Certification

Microsoft Software is available free for students through the College’s Microsoft Office 365 and Azure for Education sites. Software includes, but is not limited to, Office 2016, Windows 7 and 10, Project, Visio and Visual Studio. To find complete information about accessing both sites, log into Campus Web, select the Technology tab, and then the Software for Students, Faculty and Staff link in the left menu.

Goldey-Beacom College has partnered with Certiport, to provide certification testing for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 exams. Students may schedule an appointment with the Office of Information Technology for a test by using the links provided by their ITG instructor. For more information, email  

Student Affairs Office

Location: Joseph West Jones College Center Phone: (302) 225-6332

The Student Affairs Office of Goldey-Beacom College offers services and programs to complement a student’s academic experience. Social, cultural, and recreational activities provide many opportunities for students to get involved in college life. Offices and programs within the Student Affairs Division include:  Athletics, Residence Life, Security, and Student Activities. Additional information may be obtained from the Student Affairs Office in the Jones Center.

Student Finances/Business Office

Location: Clarence A. Fulmer Center, 1st Floor Phone: (302) 225-6268

The Business Office works with students and parents to find the best payment option for each individual student. Various payment plans are available, including the Goldey-Beacom College Annual Payment Plan and the Goldey-Beacom College Academic Term Payment Plan (see below for additional information). Students receiving tuition assistance from employers are encouraged to contact the Business Office for additional payment options. The Business Office personally handles all payment plans and receipts all payments at the College. Student invoices are available on Campus Web approximately 30 days prior to the payment due date.  For the current tuition rate, students should ask an Advisor or visit

Student Account Holds/Outstanding Debt Owed to the College

When a student has an outstanding, delinquent balance at the College and, consequently, owes outstanding debt to the College, a hold is placed on the student’s account. The outstanding balance can result from unpaid charges for tuition, residence halls, damage, library fines, etc. When a student’s account is placed on hold, the student is not permitted to register for or attend future courses, to revise class schedules, or to receive official documents, such as grades, transcripts, and/or diplomas. Students with outstanding balances are encouraged to contact the Business Office to set up individualized payment arrangements. Student referral to collection agencies and credit bureaus is at the discretion of the College. Collection costs and/or legal fees, up to and including 50% of the delinquent balance, may be charged to the student’s account by Goldey-Beacom College in the collection of a delinquent balance. Once the outstanding debt is cleared, the student’s account is taken off hold allowing the student to receive official documentation from the College.

When a student utilizes a payment plan to assist them in making payment to the College, a “soft” hold is placed on the student’s account. A soft hold allows the student to register for future courses and to revise course schedules, but prevents the student from receiving official documents, such as transcripts, or diplomas. The College utilizes various types of student account holds to clarify the student’s status some of which can be viewed by the student via Campus Web. 

The College will not impose any penalty on any covered individual because of that individual’s inability to meet their financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from US Department of Veterans Administration under Chapters 31 or 33.  Those penalties include assessing late fees; preventing the enrollment in a subsequent or current academic term; denying access to academic resources (i.e. library, Wi-Fi) or other institutional academic facilities; or requiring that a covered individual must secure alternative or additional funding. To avoid any such penalties, a new student must provide the VA’s Certificate of Eligibility to an Advisor prior to the start of the academic term with a written request to be certified for Veterans Benefits. Every semester, prior to the first payment due date, all students with an outstanding balance must complete and submit the GBC Academic Term Payment Plan to secure their course schedule and avoid Business Office holds.

Student Identification Cards (Lightning Card)

The Lightning Card is used for a variety of campus functions such as checking out library books at Hirons Library and Learning Center, attending campus events, using the Fitness Center and gymnasium, checking out recreational equipment, and accessing College-owned buildings.

GBC students are required to carry their Lightning Card on them at all times and may be asked by College personnel to present it to prove that the cardholder is a member of the College Community.  Falsifying, altering, or loaning a Lightning Card is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.  No cardholder may possess more than one Lightning Card. Students who have questions about the Lightning Card should contact the Student Affairs Office.

Student Network Account

A network account is established for incoming students at the College. The GBC Network username and password is emailed to the student at the email address given during the admissions process. Contact a Student Tech Assistant in the Hirons Library & Learning Center for account questions/problems. Detailed information on how to change the GBC network account password is located under the Technology tab in Campus Web by selecting Accounts and Security from the left menu and then How to Change your Password from the left menu.

Students maintain one network account for access to Campus Web, GBC Email, Lightning Central, and the GBC Wi-Fi. This account will lock if the password is tried three times unsuccessfully. Students can contact a Student Tech Assistant in the Hirons Library and Learning Center at (302) 225-6277, email or stop by the Center and speak with a Student Tech Assistant to have their accounts unlocked.

The network account remains with the student throughout their entire college career with Goldey-Beacom College.

Talk Back!

Goldey-Beacom College provides the opportunity to receive feedback from the College community. Suggestions, ideas, praise, and complaints can be given anonymously. Help GBC respond to the needs of the community and to find better ways to make students’ years at Goldey-Beacom College the best possible.

Goldey-Beacom College offers several options to submit suggestions, ideas, praise, or complaints through Talk Back.

  • Use the online Talk Back form to provide the following types of feedback:
    • A compliment about something GBC is doing really well
    • A suggestion about something GBC is not doing right now
    • A complaint about something GBC should do better
    • A problem with service
    • A question about something
    • An academic concern about a class or an instructor
    • A Title IX discrimination complaint concerning the College
    • Feedback about the College website
    • General feedback about something else
    • An Incident Report to the College
  • Use one of the white Talk Back! boxes located outside the Fitness Center, near the entrance to the Hirons Library and Learning Center, and near the stairs next to the Admissions Office in the Fulmer Center. Write a letter or use the form at the box.
  • Send an email to
  • Call the Talk Back Help Line at (302) 225-6799 and leave a voice message.
  • Mail ideas or suggestions to:

Talk Back
External Affairs Office
4701 Limestone Road
Wilmington, DE 19808

Technology Resources

Location: Hirons Library and Learning Center and Cyber Café, Jones Center Phone: (302) 225-6277

The Hirons Library and Learning Center (HLLC) and Cyber Café are available for student use. The Office of Information Technology maintains and develops these computing facilities to meet the needs of the students at the College. These areas provide a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for students to complete their GBC coursework. These resources are supervised by Student Tech Assistants and are available to students during day, evening, and weekend hours.

Users should use cloud storage (e.g. OneDrive for Business) or a removable storage device (e.g. USB flash drive) to save their work. Any work saved on the local computer hard drive will be deleted automatically at logoff/reboot in the teaching labs, classrooms, HLLC, Cyber Café, kiosks and student access computers located in College offices. Students may scan and/or print documents using the computers in the HLLC.

Students should refer to the Technology tab on Campus Web for additional resources. Find more information in this handbook on

Weather Closing

Goldey-Beacom College encourages its students, faculty, and staff to use their own discretion in determining safe travel conditions in the absence of official college closings or cancellations. Students should check Campus Web for updates from faculty.

Up-to-date information on weather cancellations and delays are automatically sent to students, faculty, and staff GBC email addresses and mobile phone numbers on record. Users may add additional emails and mobile phone numbers or opt out of text messages at gbcALERT Notification System (located on the Quick Links section of Campus Web). This system is aimed at improving safety on campus and enables the College to provide a rapid delivery of messages.

In the event of bad weather, please do one of the following:

  1. Check for a text message and/or email message from the gbcALERT Notification System. (See gbcALERT)
  2. Visit the College’s website, Closing information is immediately posted on the top of the homepage to the right of the College name.
  3. Call the College main number, (302) 998-8814, after 6 am. for an announcement of closing.
  4. Listen to one of the radio stations listed below after 5:30 am for an announcement of closing. The announcement will stipulate whether it is just day classes or day and evening classes both. If the announcement does not specifically state that the College is closed for evening classes, be sure to listen again after 3 pm

School closing information is reported to:

  WSTW 93.7 FM
  WJBR 99.5 FM
  WILM 1450 AM
TV Stations
  FOX (WTXF) channel 4
  KYW channel 3 or
  NBC channel 10

When the College determines it is necessary to have a delayed opening due to inclement weather, classes scheduled to be in session at the delayed opening time will begin class at that time. For example, when a two-hour delay occurs and the College opens at 10 am, classes scheduled to start at 9:30 am will plan to have class from 10 am to the regularly scheduled end time of that class. If the class is regularly scheduled for 9:30 am - 10:45 am, then that class would meet from 10 am - 10:45 am.

Students should expect communication from faculty regarding class assignments when there is a delay or class cancellation.

With each graduate Saturday class meeting representing 25% of the total class time, make-up dates are published for Saturday classes. A fifth class date is scheduled and published on the Academic Calendar as the make-up date for each session. The make-up date is for College-wide cancellations due to circumstances beyond the control of the College, such as inclement weather. Students are expected to keep their schedules open on that date in case the College determines that a make-up session is needed.