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2022-2023 Academic Catalog V2 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog V2 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GD 206 - Communication Design II

(3 Credits) DCAD

The course builds on the principles presented in the Graphic Design I course: framing, elemental hierarchy, juxtaposition and message intent. The students can willingly manage greater degrees of project complexity Delaware College of Art and Design, through methodology and practice. The principles of design are now beyond the beginning levels of exploration, hence the skills and confidence level of the Graphic Design student has risen sufficiently to allow them to undertake more involved assignments. The emerging designer must be aware that the core of their basic knowledge is still being added upon and to be open to fresh challenge, continued self - discipline and thoughtful exploration. The next levels of the Graphic Design II course will make the student more cognizant of the design profession from creation of artistic example via highly crafted presentation and collaborative discussion inside and out of class.

Note: This course is offered at Delaware College of Art & Design (DCAD).

Prerequisite(s): GD 205  

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